Fish balls with vegetables (Crkveniške rupice)

 Did you know that the Crikvenica Riviera has a special gourmet reminderof its rich fishing tradition? It's called Crkveniške rupice, and it is also known by the local names balice, kolubice, orgunjci.

This original local dish made with small oily fish bears witness to a time when the survival of Crikvenica's residents relied on fishing. The modest, unstable living conditions of the time also affected cooking. The clever women of Crikvenica thus created rupice, which are tasty even when cold, and their husbands and sons would take them with them out to sea for a snack. The size of the rupice depends on the size of the hand that forms them into deliciousfish rolls. This meal, which was created mostly out of practical considerations, is still loved by all generations. You can try it at any restaurant bearing the "Oily Fish Route" mark. We are certain that lovers of cooking will enjoy making Crkveniške rupice themselves to a recipe from the "Our Grandmas`Cookbook", featuring traditional dishes of the Crikvenica Riviera.

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