Oily Fish Route

 The Crikvenica Riviera also has an unusual street – one not inspired by a famous person or event, but by fish.

It's called "Oily Fish Route", and it offers a special year-round selection of gourmet food based on cherished tradition. Oily fish is good for your health, a fact the residents of Crikvenica have known for a few hundred years. Fishing was the most important branch of the economy at the time; many local fishermen were true masters of their craft, and they were sought after even in faraway lands. It was a time when blue fish crowned the daily tables of Crikvenica, featured during every lunch, snack, or dinner. In addition to "Oily Fish Route", a special reminder of this is the "Oily Fish Week" festival in June, during which local restaurateurs present their specialities. This gourmet event includes much more than just sampling delicious, healthy fish specialties. It also features especially dynamic, exciting workshops where you can learn to cook traditional, healthy oily fish specialities in the comfort of your own home to surprise your loved ones with. Of course, the best part of the Oily Fish Week programme is the entertainment programme, featuring music and dancing in the fresh sea air in the pleasant company of your hosts.

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