Juraj Julije Klović – the world's greatest miniaturist

 When he was starting out, they say, his own fingernail was the canvas he painted on the most, and that he was so brilliant he could fit the entire "Last Supper" on his thumbnail.

In case you don't know, Juraj Julije Klović, the greatest and best-known miniaturist in the world, was born in Grižane near Crikvenica. He was born in 1498, and he began his artistic life somewhat later right here in Crikvenica. He had his first painting lessons with the Pauline Friars in their former monastery in Crikvenica. We are proud that our Riviera was an inspiration to this great painter, who worked with some of the greatest painters of his time such as Michelangelo, Vasari, and El Greco. A part of his impressive opus is exhibited at a permanent open-air exhibition located where Klović's schooling began – in a vaulted corridor leading towards the Church of the Assumption of the Madonna in Crikvenica.

We recommend you also visit the "Klović" house in his birthplace of Grižane in the hills behind Crikvenica, where you can see replicas of his works and some motifs that cannot be seen elsewhere, as the originals are protected in museums, galleries, or archives throughout the world. Although he spent most of his life outside his homeland, painting for kings, noblemen, popes and cardinals, we are certain this talented boy from the Vinodol Valley kept his home in his heart until his death (1578, Rome).

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