Glagolitic script

In the mid-9th century, a special script was developed that remained in use in Croatia for more than 1,000 years.

This Old Slavic script, known as Glagolitic script, remained a part of the everyday life of all classes in Croatia until the 19th century. Glagolitic script was also used to write the Law Codex of Vinodol (1288), the oldest Croatian Mediaeval customary legal text regulating the relationship between the Dukes of Frankopan and the residents of the former Duchy of Vinodol, which includes the greater area surrounding the modern-day Crikvenica Riviera. This document is thesecond oldest Slavic-language customary legal text in the world.

This script, once commonly used for written communication and expression, has remained a valuable part of the Croatian identity; Croatian priests are to thank for its survival in the region. In Crikvenica, the Pauline Friars were an important part of economic and social life until the late 18th century, and in addition to other things,they were responsible for educating the populace. Outside of culture, history, and science, Glagolitic script lives on today in our souvenir shops in the form of unique gifts, as well as in various themed events and educational workshops. 

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