The riviera of love

All year round, the Crikvenica Riviera isthe perfect destination for lovers and romantics.  

Regardless of whether you love story began yesterday or a decades ago, you'll love strolling down the 8 km long Love Path. This promenade near the centre of Crikvenica has been a favourite destination since the 20th century with its beautiful nature and peace and quiet. Have you been to Sweet, First, or Mysterious? These are just three of the 10 best kissing spots, which are not just marked with a sign, but have their own maps as well. We're sure you'll love exploring them all, as well as find your own spot just for the two of you.

If you want to get lost for a while with your loved one, head to the Mediterranean Labyrinth of Love. Located in quite surroundings alongside Dubračina creek in Crikvenica, this special labyrinth is made from 400 laurel bushes. It is said to make wishes come true, to make you younger and more beautiful, to improve your lovelife, increase creativity, and much more. It's worth a try if only to forget about youreveryday life for a time, isn't it? Love rules at certain events as well, such as Valentine's Day or romantic summer musical evenings by the sea. We would be thrilled if the Crikvenica Riviera becomes the place where you met, where you celebrate an important moment or anniversary, or spend the most important, most beautiful day of your life– your wedding.

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