Active holidays & year-round health

Wondering what time of year is best to visit the Crikvenica Riviera, or what the best time is for your favourite outdoor activities? In a nutshell: all year round!  

It's been proven that the climatic conditions for outdoor activities are perfect hear nearly the entire length of the year. Even in the coldest winder months, it is brisk or cool around 20% of the time, which means you don't have to give up on your morning seaside jog, afternoon bike ride, or evening stroll. Crikvenica is one of the sunniest parts of Croatia, and weather measurements show that both its seawater and drinking water are of excellent quality.

The mild Mediterranean climate and the local microclimate, the mixture of clean sea and mountain air, the warm sun, the healing sea aerosols, the aromatic herbs – these are just some of the benefits that will strengthen your body and soul. These natural health factors have been helping people prevent, treat, and recover from various illnesses and improve their quality of life for centuries. Thanks to this, the Crikvenica Riviera began developing its health tourism tradition way back in the 19th century.

In 2018, Crikvenica victoriously celebrated its 130 years of organised tourism as it was named the most successful health tourism destination in Croatia.

This is greatly because of its worldclass health experts and eminent health institutions. The longest-running and biggest of these is Thalassotherapia Crikvenica, specialised for respiratory and physical rehabilitation. Among other things, it offers a modern medical rehabilitation centre, accommodation and congress space, organised teaching for children staying for treatment, and a park for open-air rehabilitation. The complex also features the Oxy Baromedicine Clinic. The Terme Selce Clinic has long combined health and sports; it features a specially designed medical programme that has provided care for more than 150 European, international, and Olympic champions in 30 different sports (Ivica and Janica Kostelić, Luka Modrić, Ivan Rakitić, Tanja Poutiainen, and many others). Katunar Clinic in Crikvenica offers a tourist clinic and high-quality specialist services. Crikvenica also features many dentist's and specialist offices, which offer high-quality service in accordance with the newest trends.

Healthy living is also a part of many events, such as cycling, swimming, and running marathons, regattas, or the Oily Fish Week and Fisherman's Week gourmet events.

This is the best part – the Riviera is located on the coast, but it is close enough to the mountains that, within a half hour of relaxing on the beach, diving, sailing, or swimming, you can be soaking in the peace and quiet of the forest while sampling delicacies made with local healing herbs.

The Crikvenica Riviera, Novi Vinodolski, and the municipality of Vinodol have more than 300 km of various hiking trails, and just as many cycling trails. The names "Riviera of Health" and "Town of Marathons" only affirm what many knew more than a hundred years ago – Crikvenica is ideal for the health of all generations and paradise for professional and amateur athletes alike.  

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