Way 29

29th issue was published in June of 2019. 

A region of exceptional landscape beauty, valuable cultural monuments and a rich cuisine tradition – is only a step away from you.

This region in north-western Croatia, where hills and valleys meet, the end of the Alpe slopes and the great Pannonian plain, will enchant you with its diversity and offer an unforgettable experience.

Here you will find untouched natural surroundings along with a unique natural beauty and interesting sights – fossil volcanoes, caves that reveal the secret of our ancestors long ago, semiprecious stone deposits, river shorelines where gold was washed, nature parks, hunting grounds and parks that testify to the splendour of past times.

You will experience the uniquely pleasant surroundings of old castles and curia, Baroque churches and monasteries, you will hear about the mystical legends and historical stories of dragons, templar knights, nymphs and amazing transformations.

Enjoy the top-class cultural events, international festivals and appealing historical dramas.

Try the tasty local specialties and desserts, healthy foods from local producers, premium wines and natural juices, and premium quality pumpkin seed oil.

Welcome to the County of Varaždin.