Fairy Tale

Life is a journey, and he who travels lives two lives. The lucky ones will, at least once along this journey, walk the green hills of Zagorje, where they will encounter peace, untouched nature, and hospitable, welcoming hosts at every step. The beautiful, green region of Zagorje is the perfect destination for a holiday tailor-made to suit any guest. It is an oasis of pristine nature, clean air, greenery, and healthy thermal spring waters. Amidst an archipelago of picturesque hills lies a wealth of spas, castles and manors, Roman roads, farm stays, museums, churches, and hiking, horseback riding, and cycling trails.

Zagorje is Croatia’s largest thermal spring region, and its waters paint a rainbow. The region’s many thermal springs, fed into modern spas with excellent hotels and world-class cuisine, make Zagorje Croatia’s true continental riviera. Zagorje’s spas fill waterfalls of pleasure that run in a thousand colours, and their droplets bring warmth. In the water planet of Terme Tuhelj spa, after experiencing exciting waterslides and wild rivers, you will be calmed by the largest world of saunas and healing, mineral-rich mud. The embrace of warm water is truly magical, and you can experience it at Terme Jezerčica, a place where thermal spa waters meet the rolling, green hills of Zagorje. With just a touch of wellness, dreams become reality. You will find a special, intimate atmosphere at Villa Magdalena Hotel, which has borne the title of best continental small family hotel for several years. Everyone wants to be pampered while being served delicious food and drink, and this is exactly what Hotel Kaj in Marija Bistrica has to offer. It is a place of positive energy. Health is the most beautiful reality – and you can set it free at Krapinske Toplice. Everyone who has the chance to immerse themselves in Zagorje’s thermal spring water feels as if they are beginning anew. A close encounter with hot mineral waters from the depths of the Earth is just the ticket to make you feel as good as new. The warm waters of Aquae Vivae have been flowing here since Roman times. It is impossible to know if the Neanderthals who lived in the area, known as Krapina man, also used these healing waters. However, it is known that they made their home in a cave in Hušnjakovo, where the most famous European museum dedicated to Neanderthals is located, proving that thermal spring waters are eternal. Experience them for yourself. Zagorje features a labyrinth of wine routes, and they are imbued with a special magic. They are unforgettable, because they run across hilltops with breath-taking views. They are inspirational, because you will encounter green vineyards, wooden cottages, hard-working hands, and warm smiles. They are irresistible, because they combine the flavours of juicy roast turkey with a carefully cultivated selection of wines. And they are pleasant, because the wind carries the sounds of local folk song over the hills. In a labyrinth like this, no one is lost. On one of the most beautiful green hills in the heart of Croatian Zagorje, you will find the most beautiful cottage –Vuglec Breg. A unique location offering a superb atmosphere and true relaxation amidst the beautiful natural environment of Zagorje, it connects the traditions of Zagorje with modern standards in tourism.

It’s true! It is possible to live a fairy tale. Come and see for yourself.

INFO: Tourist Board of Krapina-Zagorje County, www.visitzagorje.hr


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