Where the rolling hills meet a fertile valley, a green river, and where a green river and mysterious swamps meet the clear blue sea – you will find Metković.  

Here, you can feel the fall of the wild, enjoy juicy, fresh mandarin oranges and other fruit, meet heartfelt hosts... And most importantly, have a great time! The river Neretva unites the region surrounding this fertile valley in which the riches of nature grow. The diversity of animal life here is preserved in ornithological reserves and the ornithological collection of the Natural History Museum in Metković. On a photo-safari along the branches of the Neretva in a traditional local boat, in addition to the beautiful nature, you will discover stories of drowned cities and remnants of ancient, rustic Roman villas. The cuisine is also special – featuring fish, fowl, and frogs caught in the Neretva, as well as the local Neretva-style brodetto eel and frog stew and the very special wines of the region.

The city is also known for its numerous interesting events. The traditional “Na Neretvu misečina pala” folklore festival is held in May, while July is reserved for the Cipolijada traditional mullet fishing event, a diving competition into the Neretva, and Roman Night in Narona, which will take you back into the time of the ancient Romans, gladiator fights, and slave markets. As part of the Neretva Principality Days event in August, you will learn about traditional crafts and village games as you watch exciting competitions and costumed plays. The traditional Neretva Boat Marathon is held on the second Sunday in August, featuring thirty teams from the Neretva valley and guests from abroad.

The ruins of the city of Narona are located in the modern-day town of Vid, 4km northwest of Metković, where the Narona Archaeological Museum has been built as the first in situ museum in Croatia. It was built on the location of an ancient temple dedicated to Augustus, the first Roman emperor, and features a unique collection of ancient statues created between the 1st century BCE and the 1st century CE. The Narona Archaeological Museum is a unique, unmissable destination for all lovers of culture, art, history, and archaeology. Visit the cave in Predolac to learn about the unique Congeria Dinaric cave clam, a living fossil, a relict of the Tertiary period, and a species endemic to the Dinaric karst. Meet numerous other animals that live exclusively underground, as well as those that live in above-ground waters. At the Congeria Educational Centre, you can enjoy this unique location and have an unforgettable experience. Located in the Neretva river valley, open to the sea, Metković offers a wealth of possibilities for a great holiday. Welcome!  

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