A town of miracles and legends - Ludbreg


Compared to many known towns and world destinations, Ludbreg is the only town in the centre of the world. It’s a town of miracles and legends, which will enchant all its visitors by combining religion, history, science and the arts, interesting stories, a particular sense of humour and unconditional hospitality.

The Ludreg Shrine of the Most Precious Blood of Christ, is unique in Croatia and among the rarities in the Christian world, recognised in the Bulla of Pope Leno X back in 1513, and preceded by a miraculous event when the Holy Blood of Christ miraculously materialised during Holy Mass in the chapel of a manor house.

Today, the Castle of Batthyany is home to the Ludbreg Restoration Centre, a cultural institution of international importance, and located in the Chapel of the Holy Cross is the permanent of archival material on the history of the town. The Votive Chapel of the Croatian Parliament, along with the Stations of the Cross, make up the unique outdoor permanent exhibition of mosaics made from Murano glass, and also in the parish Church of the Holy Trinity, visitors can find a relic in the form of an ampule of the Blood of Christ in a monstrance made back in 1721.

The Centre of the World is actually found in Ludbreg as well as the tallest statute of Saint Vincent in the world where the unique lookout is positioned among the fertile vineyards on the hills of Ludbreška Podravina  

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