A town of culture, creativity and pleasantry - Varaždin


When you come to Varaždin, you experience a joy and satisfaction. You will find everything close by: paintings from the past and a vibrant art revealed in the streets, galleries and ateliers, music heard from the town balconies, the organ grinder can heard somewhere nearby, which calls you to experience life’s joys. It is a town that invites you to a careful discovery, a town that will incite your imagination because you will uncover is just a few steps a richness of past centuries, renowned artists and artisans, renowned hospitable locals.

Its historical and artistic heritage along with the most preserved and rich urban Baroque entirety make it different from other towns. The numerous preserved palaces, important public buildings, valuable houses and villas in Baroque, Rococo, Classicism and Secessionist styles, one of the oldest European town council buildings and the Old Town complex is revealed once strolling through the town, while the sacral art and architecture is best discovered on the Put Anđela (Path of Angels) through in the richness of the churches, three monasteries and the cathedral. The museum exhibition in the Old Town, the entomological collection called the World of Insects, the Herzer Palace, Museum of Angels, Gallery of Old and New Artisans in the Sermage Palace, the Gallery Centre, the Gallery Zlati ajngel… with its permanent programs connects the history of the town to contemporary creations.

Strossmayer’s Promenade (the Old Town complex), the Vatroslav Jagić Promenade, the John Paul II Park, the interesting Varaždin Cemetery as an extraordinary example of park architecture, are green intermezzo for walks through the town.

With the coming of spring, the historical centre becomes an open podium for numerous musicians, actors, performers and artists who invite you to become a part of their town. You can also get to know Varaždin at Stoljetna gastro priča (in English, Centuries Old Cuisine Story), which offers a selection of seventy autochthonous dishes in their restaurants, inviting you to a knight’s dinner and numerous thematic gourmand socialising. And don’t forget those Varaždin bread sticks.

Discover and enjoy the delights.  

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