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Varaždin County is a nearly ideal cycling destination. Across roughly 70 kilometres, where the foot of the Alps meet the Pannonian Plain and the forests, meadows, and vineyards of Ravna Gora, Ivanščica, and Kalnik touch the river Drava, the continuity of life from the Neanderthals and Celts to the Romans and Slavs has left an unbelieveable amount of tangible and intangible cultural heritage – all of which is today connected by cycling trails.

The existing county cycling network consists of the 63km international Drava Cycle Path, which connects Slovenia with Koprivnica Križevci County in Croatia, the 83km From Castle to Castle route with a loop including Varaždin, Lepoglava, Trakošćan, and Cvetlin, and the 18km connecting Varaždin and the town of Varaždinske Toplice.


Ivanščica, the highest mountain in Croatian Zagorje, Ravna Gora, and other hills characterised by beautiful nature and lovely landscapes have all contributed to the early development of hiking in the region. Enjoy well-kept, marked hiking trails that pass through picturesque villages, visit Baroque churches, chapels, and Mediaeval structures, and feel the calming sound of wooden water wheels and beautiful waterfalls.

Hunting and fishing

Hunting grounds here are found throughout the Drava river valley and on the surrounding rolling hills. The region is full of large forest oases with hidden clearings surrounded by woods and scrub, spacious surfaces interwoven with small meadows and fields, and numerous streams and creeks. This well-protected, pristine area is one of Europe's rare natural habitats for local species of wild partridge, pheasant, quail, duck, hare, deer, and wild boar. This is why the region can boast a long, well-developed hunting tradition. The river Drava also runs through the region, marking the border of Varaždin County. Aside from being a paradise for fishermen, this diverse area has numerous faces, from artificial lakes to untouched nature interwoven with sandbars and numerous backwaters.

Drava Rafting

The biological diversity of the river Drava's flora and fauna is best experienced on a thrilling rafting safari. Amidst beautiful natural surroundings, experience a taste of the active world of beavers, swans, white-tailed eagles, black storks, and various endemic species of fish in natural environments like river gravel bars, flooded forests, and river tributaries. There are two day routes for beginners and experienced cyclists on the upper and lower courses of the river Drava. Those looking for a special adventure can also go night rafting. Enrich your life with the unforgettable experience of rowing and swimming in the European Amazon in Varaždin County! Paragliding "Why fly? Simple. I'm not happy unless there's some room between me and the ground." -Richard Bach. Thanks to the constantly favourable winds, Ivanščica and Ravna Gora are popular paragliding destinations.  

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