The nicest little piece of the world - Bednja

 Bednja is a place of unique appeal, protected by a ring of hills in Zagorje.

Due to its position, the place has preserved a rich, autochthonous and archaic culture – dialect, traditional dress, customs and architecture. It comes as no surprise that it was in Bednja back in the 13th century, that the Zmajeva stijena fortress was built and which during the centuries expanded to become the fairytale-like Trakošćan Castle.

The castle surroundings were formed as landscaped park in which autochthonous and exotic types of trees, a lake and fields give it a value horticultural unity. Today, Trakošćan is one of the most attractive and nicest medieval Croatian castles and is rightly called the pearl of Hrvatsko zagorje.

Trakošćan is one of the most visited excursion destinations in inland Croatia.

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