A cradle of Croatian culture - Lepoglava

Did you know that the making of ornamental lace from Lepoglava can be learnt only in the town – of Lepoglava?

The belief is that the amazingly beautiful lace was introduced into Croatia by the Paulists and became the art of the Lepoglava women.

Lepoglava is not only a town know for its lace, but its particular history, cultural heritage and natural features, a town in which the first public high school (gymnasium) was founded in Croatia, including the faculty of humanities and social sciences and the first Croatian university.

Here too, as the locals would say, is the most beautiful church in Northern Croatia, the Church of St Mary which is 600 years old, with an interior rich in Baroque furniture, altars and frescoes of Johann Baptist Ranger. The church also has one of the oldest pipe organs in Croatia which can still be played, and is a first-class monument of culture.

No less interesting and valuable is Gaveznica – Kameni vrh, a geological monument of nature, with deposits of semi-precious stone agate and is the only preserved fossil volcano in inland Croatia.  

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