The town of the Ivanovci knights - Ivanec

Situated at the foot of the highest mountains in Hrvatsko zagorje is a small town with a rich history, tradition and culture. 

Due to natural beauty, long ago Ivanec was inhabited, as testified by numerous nearby excavations, recounting stories much older than those from the 12th century and which speak of the Ivanovci, the order of Knights of St John of Jerusalem and who settled in Ivanec.

Ivanščica (1060 m) and rich mineral wealth influenced the way of life for the inhabitants, who even at the end of the 19th century descended in the Ivanec coal mines, whereas the Ivanec mine unit which rescued miners through its human work, continues even today to testify to their hard work.

Ivanec is intertwined with fertile vineyard hills, a beautiful landscape rich in forests and what should be especially pointed out are the freshwater springs and medicinal waters. Throughout its history, Ivanec grew and in the 15th century came under secular ownership, and in the 16th century a castle was built, including a defensive and residential fort. Today, the runs of the fort are located in the very centre of Ivanec, surrounded by a park, with some of the trees planted by Napoleon’s own soldiers.  

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