Opeka Arboretum


Opeka Arboretum, a protected natural rarity and horticultural monument, is one of the most important natural monuments in Varaždin County, and one of the most valuable horticultural locations in Central Europe. The garden's inventory of plants today consists of around 14,000 samples of nearly two hundred species of plants. A meadow in the park with a pond has also been planted with exclusively exotic species. The most valuable species of trees have been brought to the arboretum from Japan, China, Tibet, the Caucasus, North America, and Europe. The arboretum's wide open panoramic views stretch into the distance between stands of forest, making an unusual aesthetic whole.

Near the arboretum is the town of Vinica, on whose central square you can see an interesting, rare cultural and historical monument – a stone measure for wheat known locally as a "pranger", which was also used as a pillory to publicly humiliate thieves.  

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