A town where paint brushes are used for writing - Novi Marof

Novi Marof 

After the very first steps upon entering Novi Marof, you will immediately notice the beautiful park and gardens belonging to the Erdödy Castle, a protected heritage monument of park architecture.

The medieval town of Greben, located in the eastern area of Ivanščica, testimony of the tumultuous medieval history marked by numerous conflicts and many years of the Turkish onslaught in these regions. It used to be the second largest fortress in Hrvatsko zagorje.

Grebengrad on the southern side of the fortress carrying the same name, is an area of almost untouched nature, ideal for walks and recreational mountaineering along the Grebengrad – Čevo – Pusta Bela path.

Pusta Bela

Legend has it that the King of England, Richard the Lionheart, resided in the fortress on his way from the Crusade. It was built on a hill offering views of the valley along the Bednja River.  

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