A source of health - Varaždinske Toplice

 Varaždinske Toplice

Do you know what šute and prališća means? Have you ever tried thermal lemonade or thermal bath cake?

Varaždinske Toplice, the oldest thermal baths resort in Croatia, owes its cultural and historical heritage to a gift of nature, the springs of medicinal thermal waters.

Long ago even the Jasi, an old Pannonian tribe (Jas means an owner of a hot spring), made use of he benefits of this serene and rich region, whereas it was the Romans who had given it the first well-known name of Aquae Iasae. It was a golden age for Varaždinske Toplice, where members of the Roman legions recuperated, and is testified by the excavation of well preserved remains of monumental thermal baths along with a forum (square), capitolium (sanctuary) and the remains of a market–fair and residential complex.

Eventually a medieval settlement sprouted alongside the antique rural settlement, which includes today’s modern settlement and rehabilitation centre. Hotels, outdoor and indoor pools, walkways, serene hills, unique monument of Croatian culture – Old Town, a monument to the Croatian language, an epitaph to the Glagolitic script, historical cottages – all remind us of the rich past, and leaving no one indifferent.


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