Vacation to remember

Zagorje is a perfect fit for the modern pepole who are rediscovering nature and the preserved natural beauties, availablea long the tended promenades spreadings cross the hills, as well as those following the clear rivers and streams.  

From the hills and panoramic sites found on them, you can both see and take a photo of the wide horizons of the region, the foggy mornings or the splendid sunsets. The green valleys and hill tops are here at the cyclist and motorists disposal to provide them with an adrenaline rush and if you are looking for something different, the greatest pleasure is to watch Zagorje from a balloon or to paraglide from the airfield on Kuna gora, or just to come and enjoy a family picnic on a meadow and run barefoot over the mowed fragrant grass. To go through Zagorje on a bicycle is a special experience. Especially for those who are in good condition, because the hills surely require a bit more strength and condition. But, there are many more or less demanding cycling routes that pass by the castles and churches and reveal the secrets that can only be learned by turning the pedals. When you want to take a break, explore the oeno-gastronomic scene or look for the nearest thermae and relax in the water from the thermal springs.


You have chosen Zagorje for an active vacation. You did not make a mistake. Actually, you've made the best possible decision, because what Zagorje can offer you it is hard to find somewhere else. Whatever type of active vacation you choose, you will be more than happy. Tired, but rested. And ready to come back and do it all again.


PAINTBALL is extreme, dynamic sport played on various types of polygons, but to win you need determination, courage, teamwork...There are several ways to play paintball, but the most common way is to divide the players into two teams. Number of players can vary from two to hundreds; the number is only limited by the size of the terrain and imagination of players.

Equestrian tourism

Just a few centuries ago, horses were the only means of travel. Back then, there were no cars, bikes or airplanes. There were few possibilities - one was by foot, the other was using a horse or a horse drawn carriage. It was the only way, for example, to travel from castle to castle. So, if you want to experience the time when “cycling” around Zagorje was done a bit differently, mount a horse and go to the beaten horse trails to discover all the beauties of Zagorje. Choose a horse and you will see that you will be in the saddle! Possibilities of horse riding for children, beginners and experienced riders are offered by Vuglec Breg, Equestrian Club Budinščina, Equestrian Club Kumrovec, Ranch Pia, Family farm Mirt, Center "Rhythm with the horse", Equestrian association Pony center, Ranch Chivas and Ranch "Horses for Champions".

Quad tours

To escape from your daily routine and obligations we recommend a program which will replenish your batteries. Quad adventure is for all nature lovers and adventurous people. You can try the Quad drive in Lojzekova hiža and on Vuglec Breg. The unforgettable excursion will offer you the opportunity to discover Zagorje in a new way. The Zagorje routes are an inexhaustible source of feelings which will inspire you, not just physically but emotionally as well, while you will be conquering hill after green tranquil hill. The freedom you get from a four-wheel machine is incomparable to any other means of transport. Try the Quad Safari towards Bedekovčina lakes, along the slopes of Sveti Križ Začretje and through the Stubica region, offer by Zagorje adventure d.o.o.  

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