Turkey with wheat noodles

The Zagorje turkey is on the list of Croatia’s original and protected animal breeds, and it has been entered into the world register of farm animal breeds kept by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). Also, Zagorje turkey has geographical origin protection status at EU level.  

With a tradition of more than five centuries, this turkey is raised outdoors, where it can move freely about the green clearings, fields, orchards, and woods of Zagorje. Today, a maximum of 400 turkeys can be raised on one hectare of land (at least 25m2 per turkey). The meat of Zagorje’s turkeys enjoys exceptional prestige, as witnessed by historical records of its export to numerous European noble households, including even that of the king of England.

The exceptional quality and juiciness of the meat (which arises from the free-range farming system) comes from the higher percentage of fats in the turkey’s soft muscles, and this makes enjoying the irresistible flavours and scents of this exceptional, nutritious product a true gourmet experience.

The main side dish for baked turkey, regardless of whether it is stuffed with chestnuts, apples, bacon, or not stuffed at all, are traditional mlinci wheat noodles. No more, no less – they simply make a perfect pair.  

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