Old craftsand products with soul

In a time when technology little by little takes "things in its hands", more and more old and skilful masters play with the idea of closing their trades.

Fortunately, there are craftsmen who do not surrender so easily, but continue with their crafts, still creating beautiful handwork that still no machine can produce. One of those places is Marija Bistrica, a well-known Marian shrine, where the tradition of making children's toys, pipes and tambourines of vibrant colours, as well as licitar products continues, and whose craftsmanship has recently been added to the UNESCO protection. In addition to these somewhat famous crafts, in Marija Bistrica also honey and clay products can be found. For those who want to learn the secrets of old crafts, workshops are held where craftsmen pass on their knowledge and so preserve crafts from oblivion.

To whatever side of Zagorje you go, you can be sure of one thing - what you will see and go through will be an unforgettable experience. A true vacation from a fairy tale.  

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