The best of Zagorje

The best way to get to know the best of Zagorje is to follow the thematicroute carrying the same name which will help guests not to miss out onthe many and most attractive and diverse features.

The circuit across Zagorje starts at the Veliki Tabor Castle, which will certainly take theguests breath away, and on the way to the world-renowned KrapinaNeanderthal Museum located in Krapina, it pays to stop at Pregrada andvisit the Dr Zlatko Dragutin Tudjina Museum. Before leaving the main town of Zagorje and heading of towards Radoboj and final to Radboa Museum, don’t bypass the Presečki Old-timer Museum in Krapina . The National Shrine of Mother of God of Bistrica in Marija Bistrica has forcenturies been a must location for pilgrims, and testifying to the eventsfrom almost half a millennium is Castle Oršić - The Peasant's Revolt Museum in Gornja Stubica. On the route to Kumrovec, where the Staro selo Museum takes us back to the childhood times of our great grandmothers and grandfathers, you should certainly visit Mihanović Castle in TuheljskeToplice, and two galleries of the famous Croatian sculpture in Klanjec: the Gallery and Studio Gallery of Autun Augustinčić.

Enjoying the Zagorje fairytale at your hand will not be complete with the taste and aroma of the Zagorje kitchen, which is why we recommend you enjoy the top traditional delicaciesat Grešna gorica Cellers, immediately at the foot of Veliki Tabor Castle. On the way towards Krapina, you should certainly take a break on Vuglec breg, where besides the local cuisine,you will have the opportunity to try many awarded wines and sparkling wines. On the waythrough Sveti Križ Začretje, the recommendation is to stop at the Kozjak Cellers or at Stara škola in Mirkovec where you can truly choose from among numerous carefully prepared dishes. In the Marija Bistrica region, the domestic Zagorje delicacies and wines await you atthe family farm of Matoš and the Micak Winery - Zagorski Dvori Cellers, and later you cantry Zagorje cuisine in a more modern variant at the premium restaurant in the Academia ofthe Bluesun Hotel Kaj.

On the way through the Stubica region, cuisine locations that will inspire are Pansion Rodyand Lojzekova hiža Cellers in Gornja Stubica, and the Temple Bar in Stubičke Toplice. The restaurant at Mihanović Castle in Tuheljske Toplice will send you back to the time of barons and princes, and on the way to Kumrovec, generations of visitors have been trying out the local cuisine at Villa Zelenjak-Ventek in Risvica. Close to Kumrovec, you will find traditional delicacies prepared by the house cook at the Šumark rural tourism in Miljana near Zagorska Sela.

Kozjak Cellers, Sveti Križ ZačretjeVilla Zelenjak-Ventek, Risvica Tourist apartmants Snow queen, Sljeme Šumak rural tourism, Miljana. You’ve surely become convinced that Zagorje offers so much that just shouldn’tbe missed, and which can not be seen over an entire week, let alone a single day. However, don’t worry, the industrious tourist workers in Zagorje have ensured a sufficient capacity of all types, from premium and newly renovated four star hotels such as Well Hotel in Terme Tuhelj, the Bluesun Hotel Kaj in Marija Bistrica and the Villa Magdalena Hotel in Krapinske Toplice, all the way to theatt ractive and modern equipped accommodation in a traditional rustic style of Zagorje within a special ambience, such as accommodation at Vuglec breg,Zelenjak-Ventek Villa, Stara škola Excursion site, at the Kozjak Cellers, PansionRody, Lojzekova hiža Cellers or at the Šumak Rural Tourism. Depending on theneeds or accommodation location, Zagorje truly offers a large number of hotelsof various categories which are very affordable, and where their ambience,service and deals are premium. Hotel Terme Jezerčica, Hotel Matija Gubec or Hotel & Restaurant Puntar are a good choice in the Stubica region, and forovernight stay on Sljeme, a strong recommendation is the tourist apartmentsSnježna kraljica (Snow Queen). In Oroslavje you can spend the night at the Hotel& Pansion Zagi, in Veliko Trgovišće at the Hotel & Restaurant SE-MI. Besides the mentioned Villa Magdalena, at Krapinske Toplice you can choose the well known Toplice Hotel, which is located in the very centre of the locality. In any case,visitors to Zagorje can expect a long and interesting journey through Zagorje history, tradition, culture, gastronomy and oenology, and furthermore, you most certainly won’t be missing out along the “Best of Zagorje” on entertainment,recreation, enjoying the beautiful nature and the views from numerous Zagorjelookouts. So, visit Zagorje and see for yourself the fairytale at hand, and the Zagorje locals are already saying: “Welcome friends!

All you need to do is relax – and we’ll take care of the rest”. 

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