Zagorski Štrukli

Traditional, homemade štrukli are one of Zagorje’s best-known specialties, and one of the most popular dishes in Croatia.  

The art of making this specialty has been added to the list of Croatia’s intangible cultural heritage. Created through the inventiveness of Zagorje’s housewives of old and prepared using ingredients found in almost all old households, štrukli delight with both their simplicity and the skill required to make them.

Štrukli consist of a pulled dough filled with cottage cheese mixed with sour cream and egg, which is then rolled and cut with the edge of a plate or the handle of a wooden flat ladle and baked. This simple dish is sure to put a smile on the face of even the most demanding gourmet. Whether brought to table boiled, baked, or boiled and then baked, in soup, sweet or savoury, as an appetizer, a dessert, or a simple small meal, they never cease to satisfy – even when they appear in their most basic form or with the addition of pumpikin, turnip, or poppy seed.  

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