Wine routes

The soil, sun, and climate, but most of all, the hardworking hands of winemakers have made this region one of the most esteemed winemaking regions in Croatia.

Every year, experts, connoisseurs, and lovers of great wine visit the vineyards and cellars on the Plešivica, Zelina, and Samobor wine routes to enjoy the noble local wines.

In addition to Zagreb’s brands Purtugizec Plešivica and Kraljevina Zelina, the routes’ cellars offer wines made from the local Plavec Žuti, Slatki Zelenac, and Šipelj grapes, as well as numerous other wines (Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pino Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Blaufränkisch, Škrlet, Yellow Muscat, Furmint…). On the Samobor Wine Route, make sure to taste Bermet, the region’s best-known fortified wine.

Kraljevina Zelina

Kraljevina is a regional grape variety, and the Kraljevina from around Zelina is the most famous. It is produced from white grapes, mostly Kraljevina, an old autochthonous variety from Prigorje. On hot days, the locals drink it mixed with mineral water, a beverage known locally as gemišt.

Portugizec Plešivica

Grapes have been grown on the hills of Plešivica for hundreds of years, and the region has long been known as home to excellent wines. In recent times, Plešivica has become especially well-known for its production of the Blauer Portugieser variety, which is produced by farms organised into the Portugizec Plešivica Wine Producers’ Co-Op.  

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