Ivanić – Grad

Ivanić-Grad is in the middle of Ivanić Island, a true unspoiled oasis of nature. It is an area strewn with water-filled plains and wine-bearing hills of Moslavačka gora (Moslavina mountain). 

The name Otok (Island) was given to the region way back in the past because the area is surrounded by three small rivers the Glogovnica, the Lonja and the Česma, and the Sava is nearby, too. Ivanić Island is a budding tourist destination for trekkers, bikers, hunters, fishermen and mushroom seekers, offering good food and good wine in natural surroundings.

At the northwestern border of Ivanić Island is the Lonjsko polje, a world known nature park. Lonjsko polje is the home of many, unfortunately rare, wetland birds among which a special place is reserved for the protected species of black and white stork, spoonbill heron, white and grey heron, and the protected great bittern and many other inhabitants of ponds, fields and forests.

This region is also known for the Posavina horse, an autochtonous Croatian breed, preserved and improved in Kloštar. Among its natural resources, natural salty thermal waters and healing naphthene oil called naphthalene, are the basis for the development of health tourism at a healthcare institution called Naftalan. Apart from natural beauties, Otok Ivanić also discloses rich historic and cultural heritage. Almost each preserved chapel is the example of beautiful rural Baroque architecture. Very imaginative ornaments on the old wooden houses also catch the eye, while the attractions of the Posavina region architecture can fully be appreciated when you visit these picturesque villages along the Sava.  

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