Pisarovina – is 25 km from Zagreband is situated on a regional road between the Vukomerička gorica, the Kupa River and Draganićka forest. The picturesque landscape include both plains and hills, with scattered old oak forests, woodsand winding rivers running down towards the clear Kupa River.  

Just south of Pisarovina is the mineral water spring Jamnička Kiselica.The popular Jamnica water was discovered in 1770, and the firstchemical analysis of the mineralwater was carried out in 1772on orders by the Empress Maria Therese. In 1828, this was thefirst water in this part of Europe to be bottled for sale. Today, Jamnica is the most popular brand of mineral water in Croatia.

Four kilometres south of Pisarovina is Jamnička Kiselica. In the immediate vicinity of Jamnica plant, traditional Kupa Evenings are held. The Kupa Evenings are public festivities with sporting events held twice a year in July and August.

A large village called Donja Kupčina lies about thirty kilometres to the south of Zagreb, amidst the ploughland, meadows and woods of the Kupa Valley and near the confluence of the Kupčina and the Kupa. The peoplein this village are very keen to preserve their culture and heritage: theyhave created an open-air museum, or ethnological park, to exhibitthe ethnological traditions of Donja Kupčina. This park displays houses,buildings from village farmyards, wells, workshops and other examplesof masonry and popular crafts. All these buildings are furnished withtraditional furniture, textiles and other exhibits to show the past way oflife in these villages. 

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