The Green Ring

Green Ring of the Zagreb County

Should one set out from the North for the Adriatic Sea or from theEast in the direction of the Central Europe, the road takes him orher through the Zagreb County, the pulsating centre of Croatia.The arrival to the planned destination or return home do notrepresent solely places, but also the experiences that are hidden inthat journey – in the discovery of the unexpected and unplanned.Leaving the weary journey behind you, you enter the Zagreb County,the green and warm heart of Croatia, the ideal region where you will make a break, take a breath, absorb, taste and feel this climate. Should youmake a break for a couple of hours uponarrival, you will rejoice in the renewedencounter on your return, because thewarmth of the Sun is only equalled bythe warmth of the human heart.

Situated as a green natural ring of theCity of Zagreb, the Zagreb County wasfounded in 1759 when Empress and QueenMaria Theresa gave it its coat of armsand signet-ring. Today, with its 9 towns,25 municipalities and 699 settlements,it represents one of the Croatiancounties with greatest diversity. Beingwonderfully connected by traffic, actingas a crossroad of South-eastern Europe,having an abundance of ornithologicalparks and nature reserves, known for itscuisine, offering picturesque and magicalaccommodation, teeming with small ecofarms,recreational facilities and wineroads, it is ideal for a family tour and stay.Through centuries it has been providingits passers-by with reinvigorated state ofmind and body. The county is referredto as Zagreb’s green ring, as a third ofti is covered by forests, with meadeowsand pastures between, and the wealth ofgreen tones on the landscape enrichedby the charp lines of cultivated fieldsand vineyards.The rich cultural heritageof this region proides visitors withcountless possibilities. The curches andchapels, with their tall spires, erectedon plateaus above the settlements havespecial symbolic meaning. Through theirisolation, they offer an opportunity tobecome acquainted with the original,local forms of cultural and historicalconstruction. meanwhile, their interiorsare places of peace and house a wealthof sacral treasures. they draw attentionto themselves with the beauty of theirmany altars, frescos, paintings, statuesand stained glass windows. However,the most valuable artefacts within thecertainly the organs, the mani instrumentof religious life.

The mountainous relief and the borderposition of the county resulted in theconstrucion of many forified citadels.With the cessation of conflicts came thedesire for greater showcase quality andgreater living comfort, and at this time,numerous castles and manor houseswere erected in the lowland areas. Manyof the stories and legends of that timeattract visitors even today.

In next pages we would like to introduceyou to pitoresque destinations of the Green Ring. 

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