Royal Nin


The Holiday of Our Lady of Zečevo, 22 May 2017

Nin is a Marian shrine that attracts large number of believers several times per year. Based on witness accounts of a Marian apparition, Bishop Divnić established the religious holiday of Our Lady of Zečevo, which has been celebrated for more than 500 years on the first Monday before the Assumption of Mary. After mass, visitors walk around the decorated streets of Nin while carrying the statue of Our Lady of Zečevo and singing songs dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The numerous customs that accompany the holiday festivities attract both believers and those interested in experiencing these traditions.

Festival of the Sun and Light in the Church of the Holy Cross, 20-21 June 2017

On the first day of summer, a unique festival is held in the Church of the Holy Cross, combining the beautiful play of light with the church’s shape and position to form a sundial and calendar. It draws a large number of participants of different ages, skills, and creative and expressive abilities, combining fun with education, research, and science. This festival is added to by the astronomical significance of the church, and witnessing the solstice in the church is a unique experience for everyone, and it is Nin’s way of welcoming the coming summer.

Šokolijada - Šokol (dried spiced pork neck) competition, 15-16 June 2017

Šokolijada is an international ethno-gastro event and fair that serves to celebrate and protect a traditional local meat product known as šokol. The event starts early in the year, when hardworking šokol producers prepare this unique delicacy, and it ends in July with the selection of a winner, tastings, a šokol feast, and an agricultural products fair. The event is listed among the 100 most important events in Croatia. Winning Šokolijada is matter of prestige, and the competition is a true tourist attraction.

Festival of Salt, 3 August 2017

A unique salt festival is held in Nin’s salt works, one of the rare European salt works where salt is still produced in traditionally through hand picking and packing. The festival features competitions, the cooking of ancient dishes, and an entertainment programme, all of which revolves around salt as the main ingredient. Visitors can enjoy themselves while learning about the benefits of salt, from usage in cosmetics and skin care to cooking.

Sand Festival on 12 August 2017

Nin features beautiful sandy beaches, and an abundance of sand provides inevitable inspiration. Throughout August, a unique exhibition of sculptures and creations made from sand is held at Kraljičina beach and Ždrijac beach. Sand sculptures are built alongside an entertainment programme at the two locations, followed by judging and awards for the best creations.

A Romantic Night in Nin, Europe’s Most Romantic Destination, 19 August 2017

Maybe you have already enjoyed the best moments of your life in Nin, so why not relive them? And for those of you who haven’t yet, it’s time to experience the magic of the royal town of Nin. On the wall of memories, you can share your most beautiful life moments: photos, drawings, notes… Kiss your loved one at the “kiss points”, dance at a romantic concert, and grab a spot on the romantic “kissing bench”. Look for historical figures from Nin’s history in the old town streets and take photos. Buy a rose from the magical fairies and win valuable prizes and much more. Come for a romantic evening – romantic memorable experiences await you. Find out why Nin was awarded the official title of “Best Romantic Destination in Europe”. Be a part of the story of a romantic night to remember in Nin – the first metropolis of the Croats


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