Gradac Riviera

The Gradac Riviera encompasses a string of four picturesque villages built on the remains of ancient structures and fortresses: Zaostrog, Podaca, Brist, and Gradac. 

They stretch along fifteen kilometres through a space where Croatia's tallest mountain, Biokovo, meets the turquoise Adriatic Sea. Nearly ten kilometres of gorgeous, charming pebble beaches hide amongst the green coastal vegetation belt. Enriched with minerals brought by the numerous underground rivers that flow through the karst rocks that rise above it, the locals claim the sea is the secret to the health and longevity of the local population. The Gradac Riviera is among those destinations with the most hours of sun on the Adriatic, which means visitors can swim there six months out of the year.

This region is full of valuable monuments, which the locals have protected throughout the years. Some of these monuments are located amongst mountain villages connected by marked hiking routes, as well as forty kilometres of cycling trails. Walking or riding through this pristine natural landscape, visitors can enjoy centuries-old oak forests, renovated old olive groves, vineyards, and fantastic views.

The gem of the Riviera is the five-centuries-old Franciscan St. Mary's Monastery in Zaostrog, which legend holds was founded by Augustinian hermits in the 14th century. Valuable collections with numerous unique exhibits win the attention of every visitor. The monastery also features an especially large painting of the Last Supper with the earliest artistic portrayal of a Dalmatian, proving that this region is where the breed hailed from. The monastery garden is an especially relaxing place, featuring more than 250 plant species. The Gradac Riviera is a place where the tradition of small fishing villages and modern hospitality meet. It is easy to find inner peace here in the beautiful nature, as well as enjoy an active holiday with rich, varied experiences, from the flavour and scents of traditional Dalmatian cuisine and numerous events to exciting excursions in the surrounding area.  

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