Žumberak – a vacation for the heart, body and soul

Tasting the traditional Žumberak cuisine combined with modern ideas is one of the highlights of this journey; sightseeing across the Nature Park Žumberak - Samoborsko gorje represents a specific area of plant life due to the impact of three climates.

Numerous visitors of the Nature Park Žumberak - Samoborsko gorje have had diverse requirements. Those who like to learn about innovations through activities, healthy habits, gastronomy and nature will do it best by walking down its hiking trails, walking paths and forgotten paths that connected the villages with vineyards, hay fields, forests and other populated areas and sacral objects. Within the program, we have set aside two days of rest from walking, where we will take you on a ride down the slopes of Žumberak Mountains to Vivodinska wine road, and the central part of Žumberak with its rich sacral and cultural tradition. Enjoying panoramic views, wine tasting and meat products, visiting the Sisters of St. Basil and a workshop for the preparation of medicinal teas, juices and jellies are only a part of the activities awaiting you during your stay.

Tourist packages range from three to eight days. The basic activities program for a seven-day package includes: Day 1: hiking tour across the Samobor Hills - Japetić; Day 2: hiking tour to the central part of Žumberak; Day 3: ethnology and health; Day 4: hiking tour Tale of Two Cities; Day 5: gastronomy and wine; Day 6: hiking tour Honey trail; Day 7: day of relaxation. The packages are available throughout the year for groups of two to 16 persons. The accommodation is available in a rural household with three stars or in a hostel. Transfer individual or by rent-a-car arranged by the agency. Professional guides are available in Croatian and the English language, other languages upon request. The information contained herein is indicative and non-binding. Please contact us for the final quote.

Photography: Agroturistico; Zagreb County Tourist Board

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