The Hidden Beauty and Beast

Active tour of the Krupa, Krnjeza and Zrmanja canyons, as well as Zrmanja’s source, following its course to the sea; biodiversity reserve, endless source of drinking water, and magnificent landscapes which can only be seen by paddling, cycling or hiking.

According to many, Zrmanja is one of the most beautiful rivers. They often call it the Hidden Beauty because of the difficulty in reaching it. With its strength and the strength of its tributaries it has carved its way towards the sea and left a deep and hidden canyon as its legacy. Its source, tributaries and canyon captivate the attention of every traveller, but at the same time hide many secrets which repeatedly confirm its beauty and strength. This place was made for lovers of nature and offers a variety of activities for an unforgettable holiday. The canyon can only be seen if you decide to enter it and embark on an adventure with a kayak or raft following the upper course of the river, or a stand-up paddleboard or boat on the lower course. Whether you will see the Beauty or the Beast, only Zrmanja knows.

Three-day to six-day packages are available. An approximate program for a six-day package includes: Day 1: Kruševo - Obrovac; Day 2: Krupa and Krnjeza rivers; Day 3: Zrmanja upper canyon; Day 4: rest; Day 5: Zrmanja lower canyon to the Maslenica Bridge; Day 6: rest. The package is available from 1st March until 15th November for groups of 7-45 people. Accommodation is in three-star or four-star hotels and camps, while transport is organized by us. Expert guides are available in English and Croatian (also other languages by request). All listed information is estimated and non-binding so please contact us to finalize the offer.

Photography: L.Božović; CNTB

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