Flavours and Fragrances of Bukovica and Ravni Kotari

Tour of the most lovely farms in the region, award-winning wineries and organic olive groves; tour of wine cellars; sampling of wines, cheeses, olive oil and other local delicacies of Bukovica and Ravni Kotari.

The area of the rich plains of Ravni Kotari and sparse Bukovica stretch up to the slopes of the Velebit Mountain which at the same time protects and assails them with its varied climatic conditions, ensuring a richness of different flavours. The plains of Ravni Kotari have provided endless vineyards and olive groves with award-winning varieties of wine and olive oil, while Bukovica remains the homeland of roasted lamb and other kinds of meat since ancient times. The beautiful landscape of steep mountains and plains contains not only natural wealth and a rich historical heritage, but is also a gastronomic mecca for every palate. Take a tour of the local wineries and olive groves, pastures and farms, and get an insight into the way of life in Dalmatia’s interior. Under the expert guidance of winemakers, olive oil producers and cheesemakers, enjoy a Dalmatia as it once was and how it will always remain, offering tradition, historical and cultural heritage right next to invaluable natural beauty.

Four-day packages are available. An approximate program for a four-day package includes: Day 1-2: tour of organic wineyards and olive groves of Ravni Kotari; Day 3-4: tour of Bukovica farms with sampling of local produce. The package is available during the entire year for groups of 7-100 people. Accommodation is in three-star or four-star hotels and camps, while transport is organized by us. Expert guides are available in English, German and Croatian (also other languages by request). All listed information is estimated and non-binding so please contact us to finalize the offer.

Photography: L.Božović; CNTB

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