From Lun to Fortica

Boat tour of the Pag Cove; Pag town, with its saltworks and famous Pag lace; Kolan, visit to a cheesemaker’s in Kolan; Zrće Beach; tour of olive groves of Lun; Novalja - walk through the town, visit to the city museum and Roman aqueduct; lunch at the Prtorić Farm.

Starting at the southern side of the Pag Bridge and the Venetian fort of Fortica, the island of Pag stretches 60 kilometres in length. Many first-time visitors are frightened by its barren appearance which is often compared to the surface of the Moon. However, on the first tour of the island, passing through several villages, this experience changes because on the one hand you are enjoying the view of the blue sea, while on the other you are amazed at the sparse vegetation which manages to emerge in the hilly landscape. The diversity of this long island is contributed to by the ornithological reserve of Velo Blato and Malo Blato, not far from the village of Povljana, and you will gasp at the sight of thousand-year old olive groves of Lun which defy the harsh weather on the northern side of the island. It is estimated that there are trees over 1500 years old here and if you listen carefully to the breeze in their branches you just might hear ancient stories, good and bad, of events which happened in this area. But, what never changes is temper of local people who will selflessly welcome you and reveal their kind hearts.

Two-day and three-day packages are available. An approximate program for a three-day package includes: Day 1: visit of the ornithological reserves of Velo Blato and Malo Blato, tour of the town of Pag, lunch/dinner at the Prtorić Farm; Day 2: boat tour of the Pag Cove, visit to a cheesemaker’s in Kolan; Day 3: ride to Lun and walking tour of olive groves, sightseeing in the town of Novalja, visit to Zrće Beach, dinner at Prtorić Farm. The package is available from April until October (or during the entire year) for groups of 10-25 people. Accommodation is in private apartments or hotels, while transport is by bus or minibus. Expert guides are available in English, Italian, German and Croatian (also other languages by request). All listed information is estimated and non-binding so please contact us to finalize the offer.

Photography: A.Bukša; J.Orlić

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