Feel the Bora of Pag

Visit to Pag Bridge where Bora is the strongest; opportunity to measure the speed of the Bora; watching the sea from the main town beach; tour of the island after a Bora; visit to a farm near the village of Šimuni; lunch at a farm with a unique menu.

Most tourist spots boast sunny weather and warm days. We offer you something different. The Bora winds which sometimes reach over 200 km/h are a challenge for the local population, as well as visitors. Apart from the pure healing air (especially beneficial for asthma), the Pag Bora is specific for the salt it brings. Namely, when it “descends” from Velebit in “plunges” into the sea and waves rise up to wash to sea onto the surface of the island. Everything is covered in salt after a Bora, but this has its benefits for raising sheep that graze on the sparse vegetation which is very salty, so it is said that their meat is salty from the inside. Bora also brings a feeling of cold even though the temperatures never reach below zero. March is the most violent month; the three so-called “March Bora’s” blow then. Measure the speed of the wind and then warm yourself while enjoying the culinary delicacies of this region.

One-day to three-day packages are available. An approximate program for a two-day package includes: Day 1: tour of the areas with the strongest Bora with the opportunity to measure it using special devices; Day 2: visit to a farm. The package is available around winter (best in February, March or April), or during the entire year for groups of 5-20 people. Accommodation is in private apartments or hotels, while transport is by bus or car. Expert guides are available in English, German, Italian and Croatian (also other languages by request). All listed information is estimated and non-binding so please contact us to finalize the offer.

Photography: A.Bukša

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