The Sound of Beautiful Waterfalls in the Dalmatian Hinterland

Sightseeing tour of beautiful waterfalls such as Gubavica on the River Cetina, the bukovi on the River Krka, Manojlovac Waterfall, and waterfalls on the River Zrmanja; visiting Kudin most (Kuda’s Bridge) on the River Kupa; enjoying the nature of Krka National Park and Velebit Nature Park.

The beautiful falls, arches of water fl owing from the heights, waterfalls - those magical creations of nature whose beauty we enjoy as much as the calming murmur of their waters. Situated along the Adriatic, Dalmatia has an abundance of water in its interior as well. This is home to many scattered rivulets and lakes, complementing thus the perfect harmony of this region. Visit some of the most beautiful Dalmatian waterfalls such as Gubavica on the River Cetina, the bukovi (calcium carbonate waterfalls) on the River Krka or Manojlovac Waterfall. Enjoy the murmur of the River Zrmanja’s waterfalls, a true karst beauty, while the grace of Kudin most (Kuda’s Bridge) on the River Kupa will surely charm you. Visit Krka National Park with gorgeous waterfalls and the magical isle of Visovac on the lake of the same name, discover the luxurious fl ora and fauna of majestic Velebit on this incredible journey that will offer you the kingdom of nature in the palm of your hand.

Tourist packages are 5 days long. The activity programme for a 5 day package includes: Days 1 - 3: Zadar surroundings; Days 4 - 5: Split surroundings. Packages are available throughout the year, for groups of between 2 - 40 people. Accommodation is provided at 4 star hotels. Transport is possible with your own vehicle or provided by us, by bus, minibus or van. Professional guides are available in Croatian, English and other languages upon request. All information provided is of a general character only and is not binding, and it is therefore necessary to request a final offer.

Photography: More Mandić

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