Come to the Pag Carnival

Masked ˝tanac˝ (dance evening) on Saturday; participation in the carnival procession; dancing the Pag ˝kolo˝; competition for the best mask; participation in the masked funeral procession; witnessing the ritual burning of Marko

Pag’s summer carnival is the oldest carnival on the Adriatic, but the real carnival happens in winter. The carnival begins in January with dance evenings - tanci - that are held every Saturday. The culmination of the carnival is during the final three days, when it moves outdoors. If you’re looking to both have a good time and become a part of folk tradition, get your masks ready and come. Be who you want to be and let loose at the dances. Join the carnival procession that the town authorities hand the town keys to. Dance the traditional ˝kolo˝ dance from Pag to the sounds of a brass band, view the play Robinja where all roles are performed by men, play the tombola and participate in the competition for the best mask. On the final day (Ash Wednesday), listen to the reading of the last will and testament, be part of the ˝sad˝ funeral procession in black and witness the ritual burning of Marko (a puppet) with which all the evils of the previous year are cleansed.

Packages can be organised for a length for five or more days. The programme outline for a five-day package encompasses: Day 1 - Day 5: accommodation in the town of Pag with the following schedule; tanac dance evening on Saturday, procession and programme on Sunday, children’s carnival on Monday, costume party on Tuesday, funeral procession and the burning of Marko on Wednesday. The package can be realised in February from the last Friday or Saturday before Lent up to Ash Wednesday and beyond for groups between 2 and 50. Three-star private accommodation is available, while transport on the island is possible with own transport or with a van or bus organised by us. Expert-guided tours can be organised in Croatian, English, Italian, German or Russian. All the information provided above represents a non-binding draft version, so feel free to contact us regarding the creation of a final offer.

Photography: V.Karavanić

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