The Historical and Natural Treasures of the Island of Pag

Tour of the old and new town of Pag and other villages; tour of the salt pan, the olive groves of Lunj, pastures, drywalls, ornithological reservations, the Roman aquaduct and the mysterious Pag Triangle.

The island of Pag abounds with historical and natural treasures. The first known inhabitants of the island were the Liburnians. Due to the strategic importance of the island, Pag was conquered by the Romans while, later in history, it was occupied for centuries by the Venetian Republic and the Habsburg Monarchy. The island of Pag was also constantly contested by dioceses, which resulted in the destruction and relocation of the main centre of the island of Pag. In spite of the scars left by its turbulent history, Pag and its people have held on to their customs and beliefs. They have also managed to preserve the distinctive landscape of their island, which is the reason why it is visited by many tourists today. Tour the moonlike landscape of the island of Pag, get acquainted with the monuments of times past, hear some interesting tales, tour the natural beauties and values that many global powers coveted and be amazed by the pristineness of the natural environment.

Packages can be organised for a length for five or more days. The programme outline for a fiveday package encompasses: Day 1- Day 5: tour of the town of Pag and surrounding villages: Kolan, Šimuni, Novalja, Lun, Povljana, Gorica, Vlašići etc. The package can be realised in the period between September and late November and between March and late June for groups between 2 and 50. Three-star private accommodation and accommodation in three- or four-star hotels is available, while transport on the island is possible with own transport or with a van or bus organised by us. Expertguided tours can be organised in Croatian, English, Italian, German or Russian. All the information provided above represents a non-binding draft version, so feel free to contact us regarding the creation of a final offer.

Photography: V.Karavanić; Marino B.; TB Pag

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