Beginners’ Course in Pag Lace

Daily classes adapted to the participants; visit to the Gallery of Pag Lace, ethno house and the Benedictine Monastery; visit to the monument Paška čipkarica (Lacemaker from Pag); awarding of certificates on the completion of the course.

The inclusion of Pag lace on UNESCO’s list of world heritage speaks enough about its value and distinctiveness. Many lovers of handiworks are amazed by its beauty, and many are also impelled to try to create it themselves. Thanks to the nuns of the Benedictine monastery who were the first to teach lacemaking, the weaving of Pag lace has been an important source of income for many women in Pag through history. This special way of weaving lace with thread and needle has been transmitted from mother to daughter for centuries now. Learning the skill of weaving Pag lace is a lengthy process that is, in modern times, taught through the Lacemaking School. However, if you’re keen on handiworks, you can test your skills at a beginners’ course of weaving Pag lace under the guidance of experienced lacemakers from Pag.

Packages can be organised for a length for seven or more days. The programme outline for a sevenday package encompasses: Day 1 - Day 7: daily classes in the town of Pag adapted to the skills of the participants and visits to galleries and museums. The package can be realised in the period between September and late June (we recommend mid-June, when the International Lace Festival is held) for individuals and groups between 2 and 50. Three-star private accommodation and accommodation in three- or four-star hotels is available, while transport on the island is possible with own transport or with a van or bus organised by us. Expert-guided tours can be organised in Croatian, English, Italian, German or Russian. All the information provided above represents a non-binding draft version, so feel free to contact us regarding the creation of a final offer.

Photography: V.Karavanić

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