The Mystery of the Faith of the Great Women of Christendom

Introduction to the cultural, historic, sacral and theological heritage of Croatia; learning about Christianity and the influence of women upon this denomination; meeting local culture and customs and enjoying the indigenous local cuisine.

Their impact, unquestionably great, remains strong to this day. The record, legends and stories about them inspire not only Christians but also members of other denominations across the world. We shall tell you about the Blessed Virgin Mary, among Croats also known as the most faithful advocate of Croatsand the Queen of Croats, about St. Anne - the symbol of motherhood whose help is sought by both mothers and those who cannot have children, as well as by perspective couples seeking her blessing for their marriage. Discover why five centuries later many people are still being inspired by the deeds of St. Theresa of Avila - mystic, writer and reformer of the Carmelite ordere. Finally, take a look into the world of the Mummies of Vodnjan and learn why scientists regard them as a phenomenon. This is the journey where the flame of love and compassion characteristic of the great women of Christendom will certainly light a warm fire in your heart too.

This is a package tour of 1-3 days. The programme of activities for three-day package covers the following: day 1. Samobor - Sv. Jana - Zagreb - Velika Mlaka; day 2. Požega - Nova Gradiška - Sisačka Sela; day 3. Kastav - Rovinj - Batvači - Vodnjan. The package is available the year round for groups of 2-40 persons. Accommodation is provided in 2*, 3* or 4* hotels, while transport can be one’s own or organized by us. Professional guides are available in Croatian and English, and other languages upon request. All given data is of general character and is not obligating, consequently a request for a final offer is required.

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