The Beer Miracle of Northern Croatia

Presentation of production process and beer tasting in the best known breweries of north-western Croatia; delicious introduction to the gastronomic allures of beer menus; touring the cultural and natural sights of beauty of Čakovec, Koprivnica, Zagreb and Velika Gorica.

They say that the most important ingredient of excellent beer is quality water and that is precisely the reason why the northwestern Croatia - an area abounding with springs of cool, clear drinking water - boasts many breweries of different capacities, and their product is known throughout the land. Take a trip through Čakovec and Koprivnica, Zagreb and Velika Gorica, and find out all about beer making and all, or almost all, the secrets ingredients that make this frothy beverage so tasty. Never without good company, enjoy all the gastronomic delights of the beer menu, and many, many other things… Fortifications, castles, manor houses and museums are only some of the places which, interwoven into our tale of beer, offer more than a usual travelling experience. Come and have a taste, see for yourself how irresistible the power of charm of the Croatian beers is - and they will surely capture your heart as well.

This is a package tour of 1-3 days. The programme of activities for a three-day package covers the following: day 1. Čakovec - Koprivnica; day 2. Zagreb; day 3. Velika Gorica. The package is available the year round for groups of 2 to 40 people. Accommodation is provided in 2*, 3* or 4* hotels, while transport can be one’s own or organized by us. Professional guides are available in Croatian and English, at request in other languages. All given data is of general character and is not obligating, consequently a request for a final offer is required.

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