Zlatne Gorice - Gornji Kneginec

Between the vines of golden vineyards

Less than ten kilometres from the city of Varaždin, on the road towards Varaždinske Toplice, amidst the vineyards on the hill of Banski vrh, a location with a beautiful view of Varaždin and its surrounding hills, vineyards, fields, and forests, stands Villa Donata.

Once the house of the noble Baron Kussy, today it is home to Zlatne Gorice (Golden Vineyards) inn and restaurant. It is surrounded by its own vineyards, and you can sample their wines, as tradition demands, in their wine cellar, where you will also be served other specialties, such as homemade cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil. You can also take an enjoyable walk around the farm along a well-maintained wine trail with 12 stops surrounded by vineyards, or simply take a short stroll through an interesting labyrinth... This is the perfect place to enjoy the flavours of meals served for centuries at the rich feasts of Varaždin’s gentry and the manors of the local nobility.

INFO: www.zlatne-gorice.com

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