Zagreb County - The Green Ring of Zagreb

The area surrounding Zagreb is its most beautiful ornament, full of stories waiting to be told to curious visitors. Zagreb County was founded in 1759, when Empress Maria Theresa granted it a coat of arms and a signet. The County forms a natural green ring around Zagreb, and its 9 cities, 25 municipalities, and 699 settlements give it one of the most diverse selections of tourist offerings in Croatia.

The county is well-connected to the rest of Europe. Characterized by many ornithological reserves and nature parks, excellent traditional cuisine, rustic, fairy-tale accommodations, small organic farms, recreational facilities, wine roads... the green ring is an ideal destination for a holiday full of adventures. This area is among the most respected wine growing areas in Croatia. Every year, the diligent hands of winegrowers and winemakers, their knowledge, experience, perseverance, and the love of their work produce the noble liquid enjoyed equally by connoisseurs and “everyday” lovers of good wine. Away from the everyday hustle and bustle, the villages and settlements of Zagreb’s green ring await their guests. At agro-tourist farms and excursion centres, the expectations of both young ones and old ones are met with renowned hospitality and a table full of delicious authentic dishes in every season.

The vibrant history of this area is not only reflected in its many historical sites and museums, but also in the local living culture of the people, which  is enriched by numerous events and happenings. With content related to history, culture, and tradition, these events are the best way to learn about and experience Zagreb’s green ring. As a guest, your creative and cheerful hosts will offer you unique experiences. You simply have to choose an event... from the picturesque Legendfest, the Knights’ Tournament, the Battle of Samobor, the Jaska wine ceremonies, Bučijada pumpkin festival, the Zaprešić harvest celebrations, Evenings at the Kupa River in Pisarovina, to a whole range of gastronomic events and carnivals.

INFO: TA of Zagreb County


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