Daruvar wine route

Not every town in this part of Croatia can be proud of such a variety of terrain, climate, soil and many other factors which significantly have effect on cultivation of wines. 

Wine production in this area has a long tradition and the wines from Daruvar wine-growing hills, one of the best in Croatia, have proven that quality on numerous tasting and valuations all over Croatia and the world.

Quality wines of this area have already been made in the Middle Ages in Benedictine abbeys St Helena and St Marguerite; count Janković had top equipment for processing and ageing of wine. Nowadays in that same castle of count Janković the first Wine salon in Croatia was opened and it offers products from Daruvar wine route and in the cellar the secrets of the perfect marriage of wine and cheese are revealed to the guests by unique tourist product –a tasting of brand Balada o vinu, siru i Daruvaru (Ballad about wine, cheese and Daruvar).

Joined under label Daruvarske vinske ceste, Badel 1862 d.o.o. – Winery Daruvar, Winery Lotada, OPG Matej Kovačević, OPG Voborski, coffee-house Queen and cheese diary Biogal make a real wine-gastronomic treat, joining of tastes and smells of selected samples of wine, home-made cheese and specialities. Dry, sweet, salty, astringently, tartly, fragrantly and honeyed are mixed here and they create natural magic. Deep red, rustic brown, golden-yellow colours and shades merge together.  

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