Ston - A Feast for the Senses

The picturesque, Mediaeval town of Ston on the Pelješac peninsula is a true treasure trove of historical heritage, culture, tradition, and beauty.

First among these are the beautiful, imposing walls of Ston, which at 5.5km are the longest fortification system in Europe and the second-longest in the world. For a special experience of tradition and life in the region, visit the salt flats and Ston salt works, the oldest in Europe, where salt and flower of salt have been produced since ancient times in a natural, traditional way. All this is surrounded by untouched nature and the Ston field, covered in green centuries-old olive groves and vineyards peppered with numerous churches and chapels. Along Napoleon's road, which runs the length of the peninsula, you will find numerous bays with beautiful pebble and sandy beaches bordered with pine forest where you can relax and enjoy an outstanding holiday. If you're a gourmet at heart, Ston's world-famous oysters offer a special experience – this speciality was grown here by the ancient Romans, and you can try them today at Ston's numerous restaurants or oyster farms, whose owners will be happy to take you there by boat. Alongside your oysters, make sure to enjoy a glass of worldrenowned premium Plavac Mali red wine.

The cheerful, fun side of Ston offers numerous events held year-round, from Mali Ston Oyster Days, the Folklore Festival, International Wind ORchestra Festival, Wine Nights, and Pelješac Wine Cellar Open House Days to the Ston Wall Marathon and numerous other exciting, fun events.  

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