Way 24

24th issue was published in November of 2017. 

Emerald Karst Centre Croatia, which encompasses the areas of the cities of Ogulin and Slunj and the municipalities of Rakovica, Saborsko, Plaški, Josipdol, and Tounj, is rich in breathtaking natural and cultural beauty.

Unique karst forms are enriched with deciduous and evergreen forests, fields, numerous creeks and lakes, and beautiful caves, all of which lend the area its dominant, emerald colour. The wealth of plant and animal life interwoven with lively flowing water culminates in Plitvice Lakes National Park.

This region has always fired the imagination of its residents, and it is full of numerous legends and folk tales. In addition to its excellent gourmet food, the region is so rich in cultural events, entertainment and sports amenities, and so much more, that anyone who truly wants to experience Croatia simply must visit this karst kingdom of natural beauty.