Verglec Restaurant - Varaždin

A symphony of flavours

Once upon a time, in quiet Šoštarska street in the centre of town, there lived a master cobbler named Master Floh. Legend has it that he was one of Varaždin’s biggest lovers of food, drink, fun, and music.

Ruddy and full, he always finished his gourmet experiences with his faithful friend and music box player, Felix, who would follow him home, playing his music box – known in Croatian as verglec – all the while. When he got old and no longer went to feasts, he had a brick oven built in the courtyard of his house, where his expert chef Đurđa would make him a baked veal steak or Varaždin-style roast with mlinci, a meal he had designed himself. Alongside the oven, he also placed a music box in the courtyard. As the story goes, every night, at least for a moment, you could hear the joyful sound of music coming from Master Floh’s house. Today, nearly two and a half centuries later, in memory of his love for great food, Verglec restaurant is located in the master’s former house, and continues the tradition of preparing meals from his favourite cookbook by the sound of the verglec.


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