Varaždin Hotel - Varaždin

In good company

Kolodvorska street has connected the centre of Varaždin and the city train station for nearly 130 years. Its history began in 1886, with the construction of the station and the opening of the Zagorje railroad, with a line from Zagreb through Zaprešić and Zabok to Varaždin, and further on to Čakovec.

According to old railroad records of passenger traffic, it was certainly the busiest street in the city for an entire century. Shortly after the railway opened, Ivan Grošanić and his son built Kolodvorska Restaurant, pub, and hotel directly across from the train station. The restaurant, which Varaždin’s residents gave the nickname “Grošanić’s Place”, was known for its excellent food up until the very day it closed around twenty years ago. Today, the same, renovated building houses Hotel Varaždin, whose culinary team prepares dishes made according to the old menus of Grošanić’s restaurant, as well as other traditional Varaždin meals.


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