Trakošćan - The Pearl of Hrvatsko Zagorje

Trakošćan is one of Croatia’s most beautiful mediaeval castles and historic sites, and its forest park, lake, nature trail, museum, and well-preserved interior make it rightly deserving of the title “Pearl of Hrvatsko Zagorje”.

The castle was built in the late 13th Century in the picturesque Bednja Valley, surrounded by the meadows, forests, and vineyards of the gentle mountains of Zagorje: Strahinjščica (847m), Macelj (715m), Ravna Gora (686m), and the highest, Ivanšćica (1061m). In the early 1800’s, Juraj Drašković renovated the castle and turned it into an estate which is now maintained as an example of an unspoiled Romanticist park and aristocratic residence. The knights’ rooms, hunting rooms, and music salon are especially worth seeing, as are painter Julijana Erdödy’s studio, the 15th to 19th century armoury collection, and the restored furnishings, which have been placed alongside examples from earlier centuries. Trakošćan has a great deal to offer. The wind at Ravna Gora attracts paragliders, while anyone who fancies something more demanding can try their hand at rock climbing on Ravna Gora. There are 150km of marked hiking trails and almost 550km of cycling paths. The Diana Hunting Grounds and hunters’ lodge should more than satisfy anyone keen on hunting for wild boar, deer, pheasant, and hare, while the lake below Trakošćan castle will delight any angler. The entire area is one of the most pristine habitats in Croatia, and - to give just one example - it is host to some thirty species of orchid alone. Trakošćan is located near the highway connecting Zagreb, Maribor, and Vienna, approximately 70km from Zagreb and 40km from Varaždin, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. The Trakošćan Hotel is only a short distance from the castle, but there are other excellent places to stay as well: the ‘Pusti Duh’ lodge, which is smaller, and the larger ‘Filićev dom’ on Ravna Gora.

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