Trakošćan Hotel - Bednja

In nature's kingdom

The town of Trakošćan is surrounded by numerous small fields, meadows and forest clearings, villages and tiny settlements, vineyards and cottages strewn about the hills of Zagorje, which lazily roll into each other such that you don’t know where one ends and the next begins.

Trakošćan is dominated by an imposing castle, which bears the same name, and its manicured park and lake. The lake is surrounded with a 5km walking path featuring a fisherman’s house, which today serves as an info-point for visitors to this protected natural setting. The castle’s interior and furnishings have been preserved, and it also features an interesting museum. This is a region whose people are friendly and warm – a region also home to the Zagorje turkey, a delicacy that was once prepared in the kitchens of noble courts throughout Europe. Today, it is featured in dishes prepared at Hotel Trakošćan, which provides the perfect combination of beautiful nature, history, culture, tradition, and high cuisine.


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