Šanjek Restaurant - Varaždin

Grandma's cooking

In the mid-18th century, Varaždin had around 3,500 residents. Of these residents, every second adult male was a craftsman – 273 of them all together, with early four hundred assistants and apprentices.

The tradition of Varaždin’s butchers is being carried on by the Šanjek family, which has been enriching Varaždin’s cuisine with horse meat specialties for nearly 70 years. Their butcher shop and diner opened in 1953 on Trg Slobode, and since then, the enticing scent of boiled sausages, Debreceners, Saveloy sausage, and Frankfurters has filled the city square. Nearly fifteen years ago, the family also opened a restaurant, and so Varaždin became the only city in Croatia with a restaurant specialised in dishes made with horse meat. Just like at the legendary feasts of Varaždin’s butcher’s guild, Šanjek restaurant today prepares meals according to recipes from Grandma Šanjek’s old cookbook.

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